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   Space Tech

Hands-on hobbies and activities involving at least a modest level of technical knowledge.

  • Astronomy
    The first space hobby. Activities range from occasional backyard stargazing to leading edge amateur astrophysics projects.
  • GPS Fun
    GPS navigation is both practical and fun. Several hobbies have developed around GPS such as geocaching in which you hunt for hidden treasures placed all over the world.
  • Modeling
    Modeling now includes both physical model building as well as computer graphic modeling. Buy, build and collect scale models of rockets and spacecraft.
  • Near Space
    High altitude activities via balloon and rocket are carried out by many amateur groups.
  • Radio Space
    You don't need a ham license to listen to satellite broadcasts. You can turn your PC into a weathersat ground station for as little as a few hundred dollars.
  • Rocketry
    • Model rocketry is an ideal space hobby for young people and now adults continue the hobby with high power rockets that can stand meters high and fly supersonic speeds to over 1000 meters.
    • Some enthusiasts go to the next level of amateur and student advanced/experimental rocketry groups that seek to break altitude records and to develop new technology.
    • You can even join teams building manned reusable rocketships like those that competed in the X-PRIZE.
  • Satellite Building
    Amateur satellites, aimed especially for use by amateur radio community, began to fly almost as soon as the space age began. AMSAT and students in universities and even K-12 schools have built spacecraft that reached orbit.
  • Satellite Observing
    Observe the Space Station using a schedule from the web and make hi-res photographs of the Space Station with your telescope.  
  • SETI
    Participate in many projects searching for signals of extraterrestrial intelligence. Many sophisticate amateur and privately funded projects are taking place. The SETI@Home project lets you analyze SETI data on your home PC.
  • Simulators
    Space simulations include spacecraft and space station simulations for your PC. They can also involve elaborate joint simulations among teams. There are also hardware simulator projects such as a space shuttle cockpit sim.
  • Space Science
    From analysis of spacecraft data to spending summer vacation at a simulated Mars base, amateurs and students can get involved in real space science projects.
  • TVRO
    The C-Band craze led the way to the small dish, digital direct-to-home satellite TV revolution but it remains a hobby for thousands of people who enjoy receiving free broadcasts from dozens of geostationary satellites.


  • Art
    Admire, buy, collect, sell and make space art.
  • Collectibles and Memorabilia  
    Collect mission patches, artifacts flown in space, meteorites, and lots more.
  • History
    Join space history buffs in exploring the development of spaceflight.
  • Movie Space
    Watch and collect movies about space exploration.
  • Music Space
    Listen to, collect, and make music inspired by the cosmos.
  • Solar SciFi
    Get into science fiction devoted to space exploration within our own solar system in our own lifetimes.
  • TV Space
    Sci-fi series, documentaries, and other programming on the small screen that deals with space in our solar system.


  • Activism
    Space activism refers to political advocacy, public education, and development of space projects and typically involves volunteers. Activism allows everyone to get involved in the effort to help move us into space faster.
  • Business
    Learn about the space industries of today and tomorrow.
  • Contests
    From commercial promotions to student scholarship competitions, there are lots of contests involving space.
  • Games
    Space games range from online asteroid shooters to complex board games.
  • Space Camping
    Both kids and adults can train for space.
  • Space Tourism
    Dennis Tito transformed space tourism from a fantasy to a reality. Less wealthy persons can now book a ride on a suborbital rocket that are expected to fly by 2008. In the meantime, you can ride a plane that flies parabolic trajectories to provide weightlessness. You can travel vicariously by sending a token of yourself on a deep space mission.


  • Books
    Reviews, links to bookstores and publishers, etc..
  • Education
    Lots of links to space education programs, projects, etc.
  • Eyes in the Sky
    Buy high resolution satellite photos of your neighborhood, obtain beautiful remote sensing images, and checkout the latest weather maps.
  • Future Space
    Speculations on future space hobbies and activities for the public like collecting pieces of the moon, remotely roving Mars and sailing the solar winds.
  • Multiple Media 
    Links to space photo galleries, space DVDs, screensavers, maps of Mars, etc
  • Software - Online
    Space related software ranging from space postcards to satellite tracking displays.
  • Software - Offline
    Space related software that run separately from the browser.
  • SpaceCasts
    Receive NASA TV and other space related webcasts available on the Internet.
  • Space Porting
    Tour spaceports around the world and watch rocket launches.



  • NewSpace Watch at NewSpace Global
    HobbySpace editor and publisher Clark S. Lindsey previously posted at the RLV & Space Transport News blog at HobbySpace. ITfocused on the latest developments in the area of space transport with an emphasis on entrepreneurial companies. In August of 2012, he moved this activitiy to NewSpace Watch. There are still archives here for static log pages in the 1999 to Sept. 2, 2000 time frame.
  • Space for All
    Postings about all matters pertaining to public participation in space development.
  • Experimental Rocketry
    This blog about advanced amateur, student, and small company rocketry projects has been discontinued.


  • In Space Now
    Space is a busy place with fascinating events happening all the time: solar flares, dust storms on Mars, astronauts attaching new modules to the ISS, spacecraft visiting comets and asteroids, rovers roving, and much, much more. This section tries to provide a sampling of the news and real-time data from space.

  • Interviews
    Email exchanges with leaders in new approaches to space development.
  • Special Topics
    Essays, articles, reviews on conferences, reports on launches, etc.
  • Shopping Guide
    Guide to all sorts of space related items.




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