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Shopping Space
Looking for bargains...

HobbySpace.com in Near Space
The HobbySpace.com logo gets a ride to Near Space
courtesy of JP Aerospace. Learn how to send your logo to space.

There can't be a hobby without hobbyshops and now the internet offers plenty of places to shop for space hobby related stuff.

Some of these space shopping sites provide a general catalog of space items while others specialize. Space bookstores are also popular.

Now a number of space services are available as well. These consumer services include direct-to-home satellite TV, 2-way broadband internet to the home, digital satellite radio, and GPS.

Shopping News from
Space-for-All Blog
See the archive for older news articles...

Find space related shopping news in these HobbySpace sections:

Flying in Space

Interior of the Bigelow Aerospace Genesis 1 spacecraft in orbit. The company is
accepting items from the public for placement inside the next Genesis module
to launch to space in the fall of 2006.

Space Travel for People
Several companies now offer tickets to fly on suborbital spaceflight vehicles. The first such vehicles are expected to begin test flights by late 2007. It is also possible to obtain a flight to the ISS for around US$20M. The Space Tourism section provides lots of information about this kind of service.

Here is a list of travel agencies that provide not only spaceflight packages but also astronaut training, "zero-gravity" on airplanes flying parabolas, tours of spaceports, etc.

Items flow in Space, Small Payloads
Several companies now sell rides into space for small payloads such as school science projects, collectables and memorabilia, etc. Most of these companies currently provide only suborbital spaceflights.

Space Drinks & Foods
Here are some foods and drinks with a space theme.

Rocket / NewSpace Companies and Organizations
You can also support companies building lower cost space vehicles by shopping at their stores:


Space Burial
Portions of cremated remains of the deceased have been launched to space as a memorial and tribute to their lives. Currently, at least one company offers this service.

General Space Stores

Here is a sample of stores that sell space related items. Note that many science museum shops will sell such items as well.


All the Right Stuff
Online shop for space gifts including including toys, figures, space food, etc. They also have a special section of space party items.

Museum of Flight Giftshop
This Seattle museum emphasizes aviation but has some space items as well. Check out the giftshop for their space merchandise.

Smithsonian Store
Unfortunately the Air & Space Museum doesn't seem to have an online gift shop of its own. However, the Smithsonian Store has a number of space related items.

Note that the store in the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum itself is very large and offers a huge variety of space items.

Space Toys: Apollo to Space Stations
The Space Toys store offers a wide range of space related toys, models, clothes, and more. See also the sister store at SkyScopes Space Exploration Information and Products.

The Spacestore
The Space StoreTM was begun as a family business owned and operated by Dayna Steele-Justiz, a radio talk show host in Houston, and Charlie Justiz, a research pilot for NASA. The SpaceStore eventually became part of Spacehab. However, it is still run by Ms. Steele.

Space Travelers Emporium
The San Diego Space Society opened this storefront in July 2010.

San Diego Space Society launches out of this world from South Park - San Diego Uptown News - July.9.10

The storefront is designed like a small gift shop, selling posters, T-shirts, and even space suits—currently modeled by a mannequin that Clark has nicknamed Marsha White. More importantly, the Emporium will offer tickets for suborbital flight—near-space sightseeing flights set to begin by 2015—for the hefty fee of $100,000 to $200,000 a person.

The facility also provides a
a library for Space Society members and a space-travel supply shop and will host Space Society workshops, meetings and events.
Sounds like a great place for space enthusiasts to hang out.

NASA Centers Gift Shops


More Space Stores

Space Specialty Shops

The following space shops specialize in areas such as clothes or in items that support a particular project. Some of these are general stores that have a specialty sideline not offered by many other general stores.

Most of the sections at HobbySpace offer links to stores selling items related to particular topics. Examples include:
  • Astronomy - telescopes, astronomy pictures, etc.
  • Art - space art galleries where you can purchase originals as well as prints andposters.
  • Books - Check out the books section for links to bookstores, book lists, and sites dedicated to books for particular space topics.
  • Collectables & Memorabilia - shops selling everything from space artifacts to meterorites to space stamps.
  • Space DVDs/Videotapes - the multiple media section provides a long list of sites to buy space documentaries, historical footage, etc.
  • Space CDROMS - the multiple media section also lists various interactive space CD's.
Space Advocacy Groups
Support space development by shopping at the stores of the organizations fighting to make it happen.

Spacecraft Films
This company provides an on line store of DVDs with a wide range of space documentaries, historical footage, and other space related video.

In addition, some productions are enhanced with "high-quality computer generated images matched to actual mission audio to provide stunning realizations where video or film footage doesn't exist."

Space Theme Pens
Here are pens with space related designs.

Globes & Maps

Moon Stuff
Lunar posters, maps, atlas, etc.

Space Posters * Images * Prints
Many of the stores listed on this page carry various space related posters and high quality prints. Here's a short list of some particular poster/print sites:

More space shops


The Art of C. Sergent Lindsey




Space Patches
Space Patches
and other
Collectibles at SpaceToys.com







Walt Disney's
Man in Space
Man and the Moon, &
Mars and Beyond










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