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Space Games
Playing in space ...

Picture Scramble Puzzle

The web offers many online space games that range from simple trivia quizzes to elaborate simulations.

Space Games On & Off Line

Space Contests & Games News from Space-for-All

Space Game Collections:

NASA Games
Some on line games from NASA.

Solitaire - Heroes of Space & Flight
Try Solitaire with cards that display famous people in space history.

See also the Freecell and Spider versions of Heroes of Space & Flight.

Download this game which

"...is a non-violent psychologically-based, problem-solving leadership game set in space. It incorporates the insights of Hippocrates and it challenges you with making all day-to-day social and operational decisions. You are being sent to SpaceColonyH© as the Temporary Executive Director and if you decide correctly, you will be voted as SpaceColonyH©'s Permanent Executive Director..."


SpaceStationSim - Vision Videogames
This game provides a realistic simulation of the Intervational Space Station while also provide a fun and playful world in space:
SpaceStationSim puts you in charge of creating the greatest wonder of the modern world, the International Space Station! Man's greatest engineering achievement in space... More than just a model – now you can create and manage your own living spaceship and crew!
It was developed in cooperation with NASA, though this took quite a bit of effort to arrange as described in this interview.

More Space Games

More Game Lists
Astroplane Board Game

Space Quizzes, Puzzles & Trivia Games
More quizzes, etc.

Space Board & Card Games
Go For Launch! | The Space Encyclopedia Board Game

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to play Go for Launch!, but if your not careful you could become one! The Go For Launch! board game shows you how to prepare a Space Shuttle for launch as you journey through: Deep Space, Early Rocketry, Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Apollo-Soyuz, Sky-Lab, Astronomy, Planetary Exploration, Space Shuttle, Mir Space Station, Space Spin-Offs and more!

This game is fun for the whole family and great for classrooms. The Go For Launch! board game depicts Complex 39 of the Kennedy Space Center as it exists today. It is designed for one to four players or teams of players. The players can be assigned as Shuttle Commanders, Pilots and Mission Specialists. Each player obtains their mission instructions from the Commander/Pilot check list. The board game consists of nearly 500 full color photo question and answer cards (T or F and Multiple Choice), four plastic Shuttle game pieces, a pair of dice, instructions and category divider cards. The game takes the players from the landing strip through Space Shuttle Processing, Launch, Low Earth Orbit and back to Kennedy Space Center.

High Frontier
High Frontier, available from Sierra Madre Games, offers a highly detailed and technically accurate game in which players prospect for water and other materials in the solar system and build factories and settlements: Board game brings players on a space mission - PARS3C. Here is a synopsis:

In the near future, nanofacturing techniques will allow incredible new materials to be built atom by atom. But they can only be built in the zero-gravity and high-vacuum conditions in space. Various private and government enterprises race to establish a buckytube mechanosynthesis factory on a suitable carbonaceous asteroid. To do so, they accumulate tanks of water in orbiting fuel depots, to be used as rocket propellant. Also needed are remote-controlled robonauts to do the grunt work.

The key to success is water in LEO (low Earth orbit). At first, water will be expensively supported out of the deep gravity well of Earth. But for a third the fuel and energy, water can be supplied from Luna, the moons of Mars, or other nearby hydrated objects. Extracting resources at the work site is called In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU). Whoever develops ISRU technology able to glean water from space rather than Earth will gain the strategic high ground to make money through exoglobalization.

See also this preview of High Frontier at BoardGameGeek. The game's creator, Phil Eklund, describes how the game works in this video.

Monopoly Game: U.S. Space Program Edition
In honor of NASA's 40th anniversary, play this space version of the famous Monopoly game. Other info from USAOPLOY, 1935 Camino Vida Roble, Carlsbad, CA 92008, 1-888-656-7306.

Mission I.S.S. International Space Station
This game from Iron Bear Studios is a fun and educational game based on building the Space Station:

"Mission I.S.S. is a game for 2 to 4 players based on the development of the International Space Station. Easy to learn, and fun to play, each player takes the role of one space administration and attempts to be the first to complete and launch the modules they are responsible for. There is only one problem, everyone else wants to be first too... Game comes with 74 cards 2 to 4 players.. ages 8 and up.. Game time ranges from 15 minutes to 1 hour"

6 Billion™ - The Game Of The New Millennium
This game designed by David Coutts explores space colonisation and population growth:

"Let's be clear about what 6 Billion™ is about. It is not about humanity's future on Earth, and it does not propose that the colonisation of space is the solution to over-population on Earth. 6 Billion™ is about humanity's future in our own solar system. It uses exponential growth, via popualtion doubling, to explore this future. Or, to put it another way, humanity's future is measured in people, and not time. Why design a game that does this? Because it gives people a new, original, and (hopefully) inspiring view of our future as a race. It's a long-term view, that is true. So, don't expect a short-term view in 6 Billion™ ..." Article at Per Ardua Ad Astra

Mars 2020
Awarded a Best Toy award by Parents Magazine, this board game (see the catalog page) from Aristoplay is for kids 8 and older.

"Choose a spaceship and sign on as your favorite crew member. Then zoom around the orbital path from Earth toward Mars. You'll repair malfunctions by answering questions on space related science and technology. If all systems are "go" you'll then need to be the first to land on Mars to win! It won't be easy: Mars is a moving target, orbiting swiftly on its path." - Aristoplay

Gallatic Attic offers this detailed and historically accurate game for 1-4 players that lets you be the first to the moon. The first edition was limited to 5000 copies and will be a collectors item. Includes a 180 card deck that features NASA photos and info. Available at Just Games

Planetaire - The Grand Tour Card Game
HomeStar Games offers this

"rummy type card game that is fun and challenging. Take a tour of the Solar System as you race to be the first player to complete The Grand Tour by exploring all nine planets and their moons. Learn about the planets, moons, and the myriad of strange and wonderful objects that share our neighborhood in space, while you play. Play it by yourself or with up to three of your friends. The game combines elements similar to some of your favorite card games, like UNO®, and Solitaire, into a unique format that is out of this world fun! It is easy to play and provides hours of educational fun for all players. Recommended for ages 8 and up"


Astroplane - The Strategy Game for the New Millennium
This strategy board game is described as follows:

"ASTROPLANE® is a fun game of strategy, logic, and competition. It’s easy to learn and fun at any level of expertise!

Formulating strategies, players maneuver their astroplane spaceships thru Hyperspace, Wormholes and other astrophysical phenomena with the goal of controlling travel thru a Black Hole at the center of a galaxy. "


More Space Board & Card Game Resources


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