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Welcome to HobbySpace. the site that will prove to you that everyone can participate in space exploration and development in one way or another.
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Power by Paul Calle, 1963

Grissom and Young
Grissom and Young
by Norman Rockwell

Apollo 8 Coming Home
Apollo 8 Coming Home
by Robet McCall
Servicing Hubble
Servicing Hubble
by John Solie
Moonwalk 1
Moonwalk 1
by Andy Warhol
When Thoughts Turn Inwards
When Thoughts Turn Inward
by Henry Casselli, 1981
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It's a Whole New Outer Space Out There

Blue Origin and SpaceX Fly New Spacecraft

Jeff Bezo's Blue Origin company has recently demonstrated their New Shepard suborbital spaceflight system. The New Shepard consists of a rocket booster powered by the company's Liquid Hydrogen/Liquid Oxygen fueled BE-3 engine. A crew capsule, which can hold up to six people, sits atop the booster and is released after the engine stops and comes back down for a landing via parachutes. Here is a video of a test flight to 93 kilometers on April 29th:


The crew capsule landed safely and Bezos said if passengers had been aboard they would have had a safe and exciting trip. The booster rocket was to come back down for a powered vertical landing but a hydraulic problem led a failed return. However, the company has multiple boosters in production and expects to resume test flights soon.

The company eventually plans to provide a regular flight sevice across the 100 km border to space for space tourists and for science experiments and technology R&D payloads.

SpaceX continues to make progress with its space transports as well. An unmanned Dragon V2 protoype spacecraft carried out a pad abort test on May 6th:


The test went well, proving that it could take a crew safely away from a rocket failure on the pad. Another test later this year will seek to demonstrate that the Dragon can escape from a failing rocket while it is in flight.

As reported here before, SpaceX has been testing the fly-back and landing of a Falcon 9 first stage booster following separation from the upper stage, which goes on to do its job of putting a Dragon capsule or other payload into orbit. Here is a video of a booster attempting to land on a platform in the Atlantic following the launch of a Dragon to the Int. Space Station on April 14th:


A faulty valve disrupted the control of the booster during, causing the booster to land at a tilt.

Attempts to successfully return and soft land a Falcon 9 booster either onto a sea platform or even onto a pad back at the launch site will continued throughout 2015.

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Satellite track display

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Run the Satellite Tracking Tool from BINARY SPACE right here at HobbySpace in your browser. The program allows you to track a large set of satellites in both low earth and geostationary orbits. (Note: the program requires Microsoft Silverlight, Version 5 or higher, as well as the latest version of your browser. Currently the program works on the Microsoft® Windows® platform only.) The Satellite Observing section provides additional information and web resources about the hobby of satellite tracking and watching.
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