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Solar X-rays
Geomagnetic Field
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In Space Now
It's really busy out here

Animation of a sequence of images of a dust devil seen
from the Phoenix Mars Lander (NASA).

Our solar system is not empty and still. It is a hyperactive place teeming with natural phenomena and with human and machine activities.

This page (formerly called The Living Space) attempts to give a sense of this dynamism by providing samplings of the real-time, or near real-time, space imagery and data that are available over the web.

Visit this space situation room to find links to the current position of spacecraft, the latest images relayed to earth, the current space weather, remote sensing and weather satellite images of earth, etc.

Images marked with Direct link... are the latest images pulled directly from the source site.

The In-Space News

(Note - it's impossible to list here all the events going on in space at any one time. So I'll only place the occasional item that gets my attention. See the Space News section for links to sites providing daily space news. - ed.)

News Sources

Space Viewers
Real-time, near real-time & recent images & data from Space
Earth Viewer
Weather maps, remote sensing and spysat images.
Space Weather Viewer
Space Weather
Sun, solar wind, aurora images & data
Space Explorer Viewer
Space Explorers
Images & data from deep space probes.
Space Activity
A pictorial index to a small sample of ongoing space exploration activities.
Each image links to a source of real-time imagery or data.
(Scale & positionings are fanciful and symbolic.)
Ulysses solar polar orbiter...           Rosetta    
  Venus Venus Express           New Horizons probe to Pluto

SOHO solar observatory

ACE - solar wind satellite

Shuttle/Space Station Mars Express Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter location
Mars Orbiter latest pictures
Mars Odyssey Jupiter

Current earth satellite pictures

Mercury Messenger probe to Mercury     Lunar features visible tonight        
                Cassini current position

Most distant probes

Pioneer 10/11 & Voyager 1/2 have escaped the gravitational pull of the solar system and are heading into interstellar space.

Pioneer 10 and both Voyagers are still working and transmitting.

Distance from the Sun:
Jan. 25, 2001
   Pioneer 10 - 11.42 billion km
               ( Light Time: 10 hrs 40min)
Sept. 8,2001
   Voyager 1 - 12.31 billion km
   Voyager 2 -  9.73 billon km

Voyaver 2 Pioneer 10 Pioneer 11 status Heliopause - boundary between solar system and interstellar space Solar wind moves at speeds of 300 to 800km/s Voyager 1 Voyager Grand Tour
Where is the Space Station?
Track the ISS - Heavens Above
This map shows where the International Space Station is at this moment. Track its orbit with NASA Marshall's
NASA SkyWatch for ISS sighting predictions for your location. Also, see ISS tracking here.
International Space Station:
Status & Crew Activies

Spaceflight Now - Space Station
NASA Human Spaceflight: Space Station
NASA - International Space Station
Satellite Tracking - Science@NASA
Real-time Data
Tracking Applet
ISS Sighitings - JSC Programs


Current Scientific Space Missions

Earth Satellites
Images courtesy of Analytical Graphics, Inc. - developers of Satellite Tool Kit
The GEO Belt
Telecommunication satellites in the geostationary belt.
1024x690 enlargement
NORAD Tracking
A selection of objects tracked by NORAD. 768x1024 enlargement.

Other enlargements available at e-Sax.com.

More satellite info available at Analytical Graphics' Satellite database & Spacecraft Digest.
See also NASA's J-Track 3D Satellite Tracking, similar to top right but real-time & interactive.

Commercial Communications Satellites in Geostationary Orbit - (pdf file) at Boeing - graphic showing all the current geosats. Can be made into a nice poster.

UCS Satellite Database - list of all active satellites. Available as an Excel spreadsheet file.

Current Space Weather
Links to real-time Imagery & Data
Solar Activity
Coronal Mass Ejection on April 2,2001
Coronal Mass Ejection
April 2, 2001

Direct link...SOHO Extreme ultraviolet Imaging Telescope
- NASA Latest Solar Images

Most recent solar & interplanetary images from satellites & ground based instruments - Berkeley

SOHO - latest 2 hour solar image series - Univ. of Michigan

ACE Science Center (ASC)

Comet Hunting in SOHO images

Solar Wind

Direct link...Current reading on Magnetic Storm Intensity Meter
ACE/ Berkeley (What is the DST Index)

SOHO  - solar wind speed
SOHO Solar Wind Speed - ESA/SOHO
See also latest 48 hours of solar wind data from

5.60 /cc
Direct link...Solar wind density meter -
U.of Michigan


619. km/s
Direct link...Solar wind speed meter -
U.of Michigan


Earth's Aurora

Direct link...POES Auroal Activity -
Northern Hemisphere

Direct link...POES Auroal Activity -
Southern Hemisphere

Space Weather Forecasts

More Real-time Space Resources

Related HobbySpace topics:

  • Satellite Observing
    Info and programs about tracking spacecraft.
  • Real-time Weather & Remote Sensing
    These links in the "Eyes in the Sky" section are to various weather and remote sensing satellites that provide a continual stream of earth imagery. The imagery can include the usual type of TV weathersat pictures but many RS satellites also provide views in other wavelengths or in specialized bandwidths that display unique information. For example, one satellites might display the current ocean temperatures and another show the earth's cloud cover.
  • SpaceCasts
    Watch rocket launches and other space activities via online webcasts. Check the schedules for the next launch.
  • Comet Hunting in SOHO images
  • Mars Clocks & Calendars in Space Life section

NASA Human Spaceflight : Realtime Data
NASA site dedicated to human spaceflight activities on the ISS and shuttle missions. Data includes

Satellite Charts
These sites provide information on the current positions and status of satellites such as those providing telecommunications services from geostationary orbit.

More Resources:



The Art of C. Sergent Lindsey
NewSpace Watch at NSG


Current Moon Phase
US Naval Observatory

Check here for past
& future phases

Updated every 4 hours.
Inconstant Moon
Calendar provides the
lunar features of interest
in the upcoming month.


Upcoming Rocket
Spaceflight Now -
Tracking Station
More launch
schedules and logs

Gary Kronk's
Meteor Shower

Table Listing
(Updated Daily)
Click on asteroid name to see Java display of orbit
& current location.

Asteroid 2000 JG5









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