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Space Transport News Special Edition:
NewSpace 2008
Space Frontier Foundation Conference
July 17-July 19, 2008

NewSpace 2008

The Space Frontier Foundation's annual meeting NewSpace 2008 took place on July 17-19, 2008 in Washington, D.C.

The conference format consisted primarily of a series of panel sessions in which short presentations were given by each panelist, followed by a discussion among the panelists and moderator. The session would conclude with a Q&A between the panel and audience.

I live-blogged many of the panels and presentations. The content of these postings consisted mostly of rough notes and occasional links to relevant resources.

Below I provide a list of links to these postings on the Space Transport News blog. I also include some miscellaneous other resources related to the meeting.

- Clark S. Lindsey



Companion Events

Other Blogging & Commentary

Daily Notes

July 17 , 2008 - Thursday
NewSpace Policy


  • Morning Session #1
    • Alex Downie - Minister of Space, Isle of Man
    • Panel: VSE: THe Beginning of the End or the End of the Beginning?
      • Chair: Charles Miller
      • Brett Alexander - head of X PRIZE Foundation
      • Roger Lanius - historian at Air & Space Museum
      • Paul Carliner - fomer Democratic staffer, Mitchell and then Mikulski
      • Eric Sterner - former NASA associate deputy staffer
  • Morning Session #2
    • NewSpace Press Event Announcement of National Summit of CATS
  • Morning Session #3
    • Panel: The Elusive CATS (Cheap Access to Space)
      • Charles Miller: Chair
      • George Whitesides (NSS, FAA/AST RLV Working Group)
      • Charles Lauer (Rocketplane Global)
      • Bob Werb (SFF, investor in several space firms)
      • Lt. Col. Peter Garretson (Future Concepts & Transformation Division, AF)
  • Morning Session #4
    • Panel: Exploring Space ITAR Reform
      • Chair: Mke Gold (Bigelow)
      • Franceska Shroeder (Fish & Richardson)
      • Edward M. Morris (Office of Space Com., Dept. of Commerce)
      • Dennis Burnett (EADS-NA)
      • James Muncy (Polispace)


  • Afternoon Session #1
    • Panel: State Policy Tools for Space Commercialization
      • Chair: James Dunstan (Garvey Schubert Barer)
      • Marshall Heard (Florida Aviation and Aerospace Alliance)
      • Berin Szoka (Progress and Freedom Foundation)
      • John Gedmark (Personal Spaceflight Fed.)
  • Afternoon Session #2
    • Panel: Federal Policy Tools for Space Commercialization
      • Chair: Berin Szoka (Progress and Freedom Foundation)
      • Brett Alexander (X PRIZE Foundation)
      • Jim Muncy (Polispace) George Neld (FAA/AST)
      • Edward M. Morris (Office of Space Com., Dept. of Commerce)
  • Afternoon Session #3 - presentations by
    • Panel: Human Spaceflight and American Education
      • Chair: Ed Wright
      • Alan Ladwig (WBB Consulting, ran NASA's original Teacher-in-Space program)
      • Tim Bailey (Space Generation Board)
  • Afternoon Session #4
    • Jim Dunstan: Positive and negative trends in NewSpace


July 18, 2008 - Friday
NewSpace Business


  • Morning Session #1
    • Rich Pournelle : NewSpace Business Day Opening Remarks
  • Morning Session #2
    • Dennis Stone: Commercial Orbital Transportation Servies (COTS)
  • Morning Session #3
    • Panel: Planning for the Transition Team: NewSpace Growing Up
      • Chair: Esther Dyson (EDventure)
      • Rich Pournelle (XCOR) Jeff Feige (Orbital Outfitters)
      • Bob Richards (Odyssey Moon)
      • Chuck Lauer (Rocketplane Global)
  • Morning Session #4
    • Panel: A NewSpace Exit Strategy
      • Chair: Guillermo Sohnlein (Space Angels Network)
      • Shubber Ali (George Group Consulting)
      • Richard Humphrey (New York Angels) Marco Rubin (Venture Capitalist)
      • Andy Nelson (XCOR Aerospace)


  • Luncheon talk : Alan Stern spoke about the lack of progress in space development. Discussed potential of NewSpace innovations. "Killer app is suborbital".


  • Afternoon Session #1
    • Panel: The Nuts and Bolts of Growning Your Business in Space
      • Chair: Rosanna Sattler (Posternak)
      • Kerry Scarlott (Postnerak)
      • Jeff Feige (Orbital Outfitters)
      • Reagan Walker (Consortium Technologies)
      • Michael Mealling (Masten Space)
  • Afternoon Session #2
    • Panel: NASA Enabling Newspace, NewSpace Enabling a Vision
      • Chair: Ken Davidian (NASA)
      • John Gedmark (Personal Spaceflight Fed)
      • Doug Comstock (NASA)
      • Michael Beavin (Office of Space Commercialization, NOAA, which is in Dept. of Commercie)
      • John Sloan (FAA)
  • Afternoon Session #3 - presentations by
    • Panel: COTS, An Inconvenient Truth?
      • Chair: Dennis Stone (NASA)
      • Jeff Bingham (NASA)
      • Brett Alexander (X PRIZE, Personal Spaceflight Fed.)
      • Mike Gold (Bigelow Aerospace)
  • Afternoon Session #4
    • Panel: Teaching New Dogs Old Tricks
      • William (Bill) Reeves (Session Chair) – Director, Program Integration, United Space Alliance
      • Gerald E. Miller – Director, Independent Research and Development, United Space Alliance
      • Rich Pournelle – Director of Business Development, XCOR
      • Greg A. Ray – Chief Engineer, Space Shuttle Program, Boeing
      • Andrew Petro – NASA Centennial Challenges, Program Executive for Innovation Incubator
  • Afternoon Session #5
    • Jeff Feige (Orbital Outfitters): Closing Remarks

July 19, 2008 - Saturday
NewSpace Vision


  • Morning Session #1
    • Eric Anderson (Space Adventures): Opening Remarks
    • Panel: Space Based Solar Power & Policy
      • Chair: Charles Miller – President, Space Policy Consulting, Inc.
      • John Mankins – Chief Operating Officer, Managed Energy Technology
      • LLC LtCol. Paul Damphousse – U.S. Marine Corps, National Security Space Office Chief of Advanced Concepts
      • Col. Michael "Coyote" Smith – Former Chief, U.S. Air Force, National Security Space Office; Future Concepts, Dream Works
      • Geoffrey Styles – Managing Director, GSW Strategy Group, LLC
  • Morning Session #2
    • Panel: Get Rich or Go Extinct: The Asteroid Business Case
      • Chair: LtCol. Peter Garretson – Future Concepts & Transformation Division, U.S. Air Force
      • Brad Blair – ISRU consultant
      • John Mankins – Chief Operating Officer, Managed Energy Technology LLC
      • Jim Dunstan – Partner, Garvey Schubert Barer
      • Brent Barbee – Planetary Defense Scientist
  • Morning Session #3
    • Panel: Predicting the Future of NewSpace
      • Chair: Charles Lauer – Co-founder and Vice President of Business Development for Rocketplane Global
      • Rick Tumlinson – Co-Founder, Space Frontier Foundation, Orbital Outfitters
      • James Muncy – Co-Founder, Space Frontier Foundation, President, PoliSpace
      • Roger Launius – Senior Curator, Division of Space History, National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution
      • Dr. Edward Hudgins – Executive Director, The Atlas Society
      • LtCol. Paul Damphousse – U.S. Marine Corps, National Security Space Office Chief of Advanced Concepts
      • Charles Chafer - Space Services Inc., Celestis



  • Afternoon Session #1
    • Panel: The Overview Effect and New Overview Institute
      • Chair: Alex Howerton – Business Development Consultant, American Aerospace Advisors Inc.
      • Jeff Krukin– NewSpace Business Development
      • David Beaver – founder, World Space Center and Mindspace Multimedia, Inc.
      • Loretta Hidalgo Whitesides – ISU-USA President, International Space University
    • Missed the final afternoon panel and summaries.


The Art of C. Sergent Lindsey
NewSpace Watch at NSG


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