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Space Transport News Special Edition:
Space Access'07 Conference
March 22-24, 2007, Phoenix, Arizona

The X Prize Cup operations discussion panel.
L-R: Will Pomerantz (XP Cup), Russell Blink (Armadillo), Nicole Jordan (XP Cup),
Randal Clague (XCOR), Dave Masten (Masten Space Systems).

This page contains links to blog entries from Space Transport News and other weblogs that reported on the Space Access Society's annual meeting - SA'07, March 22-24, Phoenix, Arizona.

The list of speakers and panels can be found on the Official Presentation Agenda. See also Ian Kluft's - Notes and Photos.


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Previous Space Access Conference Reviews

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March 22, 2007 - Notes
  • Day 1 - update 1
    • Henry Vanderbilt introduction.
    • Barbara Thompson (NASA Goddard) gives a review of space weather.

  • Day 1- update 2
    • Gerry Nordley discusses the feasibility of Artificial Magnetospheres.
    • He also briefly reviews some tether projects at Tether Unlimited (TUI).

  • Day 1 - update 3
    • Charles Miller, substituting for Jess Sponable, talks about the AFRL's Fully Reusable Access to Space Technology (FAST) program.

  • Day 1 - update 4
    • Steve Cook of NASA talks about development of the Ares Booster.

  • Day 1 - update 5
    • Nicole Jordan and Will Pomerantz of the X Prize Foundation discuss the X Prize Cup event, past and future.
    • Panel, X-Prize Cup Operations - Russell Blink, Randall Clague, Nicole Jordan, Dave Masten, Will Pomerantz

  • Day 1 - update 6
    • Ken Davidian (Centennial Challenges chief) describes NASA's ESMD (Exploration Systems Mission Directorate) and its approach to NewSpace.

  • Day 1 - update 7
    • Lee Valentine of the Space Studies Institute discussed the history of the organization.
    • Doug Griffith and Kelly Alton, specialists in aviation and space law, discussed liability and insurance issues involved with new space vehicles.
    • Bob Steinke of Speedup talks about his HoverBike - rocket powered jet-ski like vehicle.
    • Rick Wills describes the projects at the University of Dayton Advance Rocket Team (UDART).


March 23 , 2007 - Notes

Armadillo modular 3 stage vehicle
(Courtesy Armadillo Aerospace)
Conceptual design by Armadillo Aerospace of a modular 3-stage orbital vehicle system.

  • Day 2 - update 1
    • George French III gave a status report on Rocketplane Kistler. Announced the signing of a Letter of Intent with Bigelow to carry passengers to a BA habitat starting in 2012.

  • Day 2- update 2
    • Dana Andrews of Andrews Space discusses projects at the company.
    • Bruce Pittman of NASA discusses the Space Portal organization at NASA Ames.

  • Day 2 - update 3
    • Charles Miller (CSI) talks about the ACESA (Advisory Council on Entrepreneurial Space Access) within DoD.
    • Kerry Scarlott reviews the ITAR export restrictions.
    • ITAR panel: Randall Clague (XCOR), Jim Muncy, Kerry Scarlott, Rand Simberg

  • Day 2 - update 4
    • Michelle Murray of the FAA Office of Space Commercialization talked about the process for obtaining experimental flight permits. Mentions that Blue Origin carried out a test flight that week.
    • RLV Flight Insurance Panel: Kelly Alton (insurance, United Risk Solutions, Inc.), James Dunstan (space law), Doug Griffith, Ralph Harp (Falcon Aviation Insurance).

  • Day 2 - update 5
    • Jim Muncy (Polispace) gave his perspective on NASA and how its current policies impact the entrepreneurial companies.

  • Day 2 - update 6
  • Day 2 - update 7
  • Day 2 - update 8
    • Jerry Pournelle gives his "irreverent" views on space development.
    • Kevin Sagis of Paragon Labs described their various rocket projects.

March 24, 2007 - Notes
Business maze - Ken Davidian
Ken Davidian presented this plot showing the torturous maze that faces
the start-up space company trying to find success.


The Art of C. Sergent Lindsey
NewSpace Watch at NSG


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