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HobbySpace.com Special Report
X Prize Cup 2006
X Prize Foundation
October 20-21, 2006, Las Cruces, New Mexico

 X Prize Cup  2006
Armadillo Aerospace's Pixel comes in for a landing on its
final attempt at the Lunar Lander Challenge.

This page provides a review of the X Prize Cup 2006 event held in Las Cruces, New Mexico during October 20-21, 2006.

I provide links to my blog entries from Space Transport News along with links to other blogs, news reports, articles, photos, and miscellaneous resources related to the event.

Prior to Event
October 20, 2006
  • Update 1 - Start of the day; article links
  • Update 2 - Tripoli high power rocket launch; Rogue WiFi
  • Update 3 - Armadillo preps Pixel; Tripoli rocket Phoenix XL launch; Rocket Truck and Masten prep
  • Update 4 - photos Masten Space, Armadillo loading Pixel on truck, Tripoli PhoeniXL launch
  • Update 5 - Pixel flights the first leg of the Lunar Lander Challenge but legs fail on landing
  • Update 6 - Links to articles about Armadillo's Pixel flight, General commentary. Space Elevator competition
  • Rocket racing news at the XPC
October 21, 2006
  • Update 1 - Start of the day; Armadillo prep; Space Elevator update from Ken Davidian
  • Update 2 - Pixel off for its flight; Two Tripoli launches
  • Update 3 - Armadillo Pixel flight OK but lands off pad.
  • Update 4 - Photos of Pixel flight and Masten Space engine firing. Info on Pixel flight.
  • Update 5 - Pixel leaves for second Lunar Lander Challenge flight; Tripoli launch; Space Truck engine firing misfires; Space Elevator climbing report.
  • Update 6 - Second Pixel flight of day (includes photo); SE climber report
  • Update 7 - At start of second leg of its Lunar Lander flight, Pixel engine cuts off and falls back to the ground.
  • Update 8 - Links to articles
  • Update 9 - Report on Rocket Racing demo with Learjet.
  • Update 10 - Pixel failure report.
  • Update 11 - Links to summaries of the X Prize Cup.
Postings after the Main Event

Other Related Resources


Photos of the Event
Oct. 20, 2006
Tripoli high power rocket launch
Tripoli high power rocket launch
Masten Space - XA-0.1
Masten Space System booth with
XA-0.1 prototype on display.
Google Earth exhibit
Google booth in the exhibit hall
let visitors try out Google Earth.
Armadillo exhibit with VDR
Armadillo exhibit tent with the
Vertical Drag Racer on display.
Rocketbelt man in the air
The Rocket Man flies like magic.

Pixel on first LLC flight
Armadillo's Pixel vehicle flies on the first
leg of the first attempt at the Lunar
Lander Challenge.

Pixel landing on first LLC flight
Pixel vehicle comes down for a landing
on the first leg of the first attempt at the Lunar Lander Challenge.
Orion Rocket Truck firing
Orion Propulsion's Rocket Truck
fires its booster.
Oct. 21, 2006
Masten static firing
Masten Systems static fires their
liquid fueled engine.
Tripoli high power rocket launch
Another successful Tripoli launch.
First rocket racer
The first Rocket Racer was unveiled
during the event.
Event grounds
A section of the airport grounds with
some of the tents with exhibits and
Pixel in staging area
Before the attempts at the Lunar Lander Challenge, Pixel (with Texel beside it) sat
in the staging area. Once it left from
there, it had 2.5 hours to complete the
two flights between the landing pads.
Pixel loaded on truck
Pixel was then loaded on the trailer
to be taken to the launch area. The
clock is running at this point.

Pixel on second LLC flight
This is how Pixel looked from where
the audience was located on its
second LLC flight. It was very far
away. A zoom lens is needed to see
details of the vehicle and the rocket

Pixel landing on second LLC flight
Pixel landing on its second LLC attempt.
Space elevator climber crane
Crane used for the climber competition.
A tether climber
A tether climber as it began its ascent.
Tether pull rig
The rig for the Tether Strength
competition. A tether is the
light colored cord between the two
violet colored ribbons. A corresponding
setup is at the other end of the rig
with a competing tether.
A tether after it broke
One of the tethers after it burst
under tension.


The Art of C. Sergent Lindsey
NewSpace Watch at NSG


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