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Multiple Media
Page 2 : Cosmic sights and sounds 

More space multimedia resources. Here we list DVDs, interactive and virtual reality sites, etc.

For your computer there are desktop resources such as themes, screensavers and wallpaper.

An expendable rocket exploding during launch is one of the biggest fireworks displays around. We list here a few links to videos of such blasts.


Space DVDs and Video
Sampling of Space DVDs

Space Documentary Production

Space Documentary Shops
On line Video Resources
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  • Rocketry
    These videos show highlights from the world of high power rocketry . See just how sophisticated and exciting is this growing hobby.

Online Interactive & Virtual Reality Programs

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An online virtual reality universe that has grown to involve hundreds of thousands of users with over 1000 unique worlds.
Included in this VR universe is a whole Mars world with spaceports and colonies.

"Originally designed in 1997 as a demo project for NASA, the virtual world Mars has been open for colonization by Active Worlds' residents since 1998; and is one of the more popular hang outs for adventurous humans and extra-terrestrials alike." - Mars tour homepage.

The independent site Elysium Mars gives overview of the Mars world, including a map, description of the spaceports, and recommended sites.

AstroArts - Online Simulators
AstroArts is a Japanese site with lots of astronomy related information, links and resources. This page includes several astronomy programs including sunrise/sunset calculator, Moon calendar, Planisphere and Orbit viewers for comets & asteroids.

BBC - Solar System
The BBC Online offers a large and sophisticated space site concerning the planets and general space exploration related topics.
Cape Canaveral Air Station Virtual Tour
Tour rocket history at the museum of the Cape Canaveral Air Station.

CNN Multimedia
CNN has a large collection of online interactive space programs including 360 degree panoramas and Virtual Reality.
See, for example, the Sit in the shuttle commander's seat, Hubble visualization and the Mars Sojourner. See also panoramas at the John Glenn IPIX Archive.
City in Space is a big CNN section on the Int. Space Station. Lots of images, videos, 360° panoramas, and VR models.
CNN also maintains a nice site dedicated to the Mars Pathfinder CNN - Destination Mars with several interactive demonstrations.

Earth Observatory - NASA
Very nice educational site about earth observation. The Observation Deck section allows you to build animations showing changes on the earth as since from space over long periods. For example, look at the changes in Vegetation since 1981.
Mars Global Surveyor VRML
See various virtual reality models created by animation for the Mars Global Surveyor.
Int. Space Station Virtual Environment Models
Use VR animations with a VRML plugin to explore the Space Station and its component modules.
MSNBC Space Interactivity
MSNBC, which offers a daily spacenews page, provides several space online interaction programs such as:
The space shuttle’s transporter, International Space Station Model and the Space Gallery, which opens a special viewer with several interactive productions.

New York Times - Exploring the Solar System
These pages at the NYT (free registration to NYT site required) provide lots of info about the planets, the Sun and other components of our solar system. Including are some interactive programs (download of a plug-in needed) that display:

Peace in Space / Guardians.com
As part of the European Guardians of the Millenium projects, this space site offers interactive pages of games, space station simulator, Mars explorer, and more.

National Geographic Interactive Space
Virtual Solar System
- 3-D views in a "fly-by tour of the sun and each planet in its orbit, observe close-up views of the planets, extraterrestrial weather patterns, and more."

Return to Mars : Numerous 3-D panorama simulations of the Mars Pathfinder mission to Mars. 

Roving Mouse: Mars Atlas
Explore the surface of Mars with this interactive atlas.
Solar System Simulator
Great simulator available from JPL that will display all sorts of info about the solar system and the probes sent out to explore it.
The Space Educators Handbook provides NASA stories presented in a Classic Comics style.
Space Library Quicktime Virtual Reality
See these VR panoramas at Dave Seal/JPL's Space Library.

Time/Life Space
History, images, and VR simulations such as the Johnson Space Center QTVR. Use Quicktime VR to explore the JSC mission control rooms, Space Station module, shuttle flight deck and more.

Virtual Space Museum
The VSM provides VR models of various Russian and Soviet spacecraft.

More VR/Interactive

Windows Desktop Themes

Microsoft Windows 95/98 comes with a standard scheme of colors, sounds, wallpaper, fonts, icons, etc. However, one can modify and replace these with new colors, fonts, icons, etc. that, one esthetically hopes, follow some coherent theme.

There are now numerous themes for just about every topic, including space, available for download off the web, often for free.

A theme manager will be needed to install the themes for Win 95 & NT (Win98 includes it already). Otherwise all the sounds, colors, etc. would have to be setup individually by hand. The Plus! packages include a theme manager or you can get a third party manager such as XTheme.

Given below are some links to specific space desktop themes plus some sites that hold large archives of themes. One can search on these sites for "space" to find other choices.

We also include some space related screensavers and links to sites with large archives of screensavers where you can search for more space related selections.

Theme of the Day: High Frontier
Gerard O'Neill style space colony theme.

Lots of space and sci-fi themes including:
apollo.zip lunathem.zip nasa.zip

Other Theme archives

Space ScreenSavers
Space Wallpaper

In Windows, you can right click on an image and get a menu with the item "Set as Wallpaper". This will cause the image to be tiled across your desktop. Some images look better than others as wallpaper. Here are some sites offer various selections.

Other Space Multimedia Resources

RocketCams & Other Launch Videos

It is becoming common to attach a camera to the top of a rocket and have it look backwards to record the launching. This is used primarily as a diagnostic tool to determine if the launch events occur as expected. However, they also provide a very exciting way to view a launch. Here are some sites that provide such videos.

Note: model rocketeers have long been attaching still cameras to look back, and have recently been attaching video cameras.

Rocket Blasts

A lamented fact of life in today's space business is that rockets still blow up far too often. Until we develop reusable vehicles that exhibit the reliability of modern jetliners, we can expect to see many more such fireworks displays.

Here are some online video clips of rockets that met sad but spectacular ends.


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