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Space Investing
Section 3 - Space Business Resources

Moving a Mountain of Platinum
Moving a Mountain of Platinum
Here we see a small asteroid containing platinum group elements (PGEs) harvested in preparation for ore extraction on the Moon. A ring of thrusters guides the asteroid for release at a specific point in the free return orbit from the Main Asteroid Belt. Courtesy Phil Smith.

This section provides information and links to various space business related resources on the web and in print..

Space Investors
Space Company Lists
Space-Space: Business Galaxy
Mark Reif
to provide information about space investment.
Space Investor
PlanetSpace.com offers the Space Business Network as a "free service for space companies to showcase their products and services to potential investors and employees."

The Colony Fund
Space investment fund group with a 30 year time frame on returns. "The Colony Fund offers a fiscal foundation for investment in emerging commercial Space enterprises and establishes a foothold in what is planned to be preeminent market sectors of the 21st century. "

Sky Report
Sky Report concentrates on the direct to home TV industry. It offers various resource including Publications and Research.

Stellar Ventures
Stellar Ventures is the "corporate incubator/ venture capital arm of Stellar Solutions Inc., a leading supplier of technical engineering expertise to the satellite and space industry. "

More Space Business Programs

Space Brokers

Brokers are intermediaries who attempt to matchmake "buyers' and "sellers". In the space industry this business now includes a number of activities. For example, a broker might match surplus satellite transponder time to companies in need, e.g. TV and radio stations, or match extra space on a rocket to someone with a satellite in need of a ride to orbit.

The sites below provide interesting information on the space industry in general such as charts of the satellites current operating in geostationary orbit.

This "London Satellite Exchange Online Marketplace" provides businesses a place to offer and buy satellite services and hardware. Provides some public info such as a nice display of commercial satellites in the Geostationary belt.

NASA's Access To Space
Locate a possible ride for your satellite. This site is maintained by NASA to help smallsat developers find launch opportunities.
Exhibition site for space related parts and services.

Space Consulting & Investment Info
The space consulting companies produce detailed studies on all aspects of the industry and try to predict future trends. Unfortunately, their reports can be very, very expensive (sometimes greater than $1000) and are obviously aimed at the business market. However, sometimes their sites offer summaries or samples of their reports that might be interesting and useful to the individual investor.

Andrews Space & Technology
Andrews SPACEandTECH offers a range of services including both business and marketing as well as design and engineering studies. Their site provides a weekly space news service. Also, their space database gives lots of info on RLV's, satellite constellations, and other space technology.
DFI International
A space and defense consulting company.
This consulting group specializes in high tech industries including space. It provides surveys and organizes conferences on various aspects of space business.

Aerospace management consulting group. They sometimes offer segments reports and older reports on their website.

Microcom Systems consultants in satellite communications
Microcom specializes in satellite communications consulting. Their site provides a quite a lot of free information including a large space links list, current space news, calendar and more.
Teal Group
Teal Group publishes studies on various aerospace industries.
More Companies:

Space Industry Associations

General Info on Space Businesses

Commercial Space Markets List
Jim Kingdon maintains the list of current and proposed space business areas.

Commercial Space Transportation Study
Major study funded by NASA and released in 1997 that surveyed in some depth a large range of proposed space businesses. These ranged from Advertising in space to Space Solar Power.

The New Commercial Space Companies
The Space Frontier Foundation maintains the list of up and coming space companies in communications, launchers, etc.

Articles & Reports on Space Business

Office of Space Commercialization
Dept of Commerce office that monitors developments in commercial space:

FAA - Associate Administrator for Commercial Space Transportation (AST)
The AST office provides a number of annual and quarterly studies on the status of commercial space:

The Space Report - The Guide to Global Space Activity
Annual space business reviews from the Space Foundation.

Satellite Applications & Info
More Space Business Sites

Other Sites of Interest to the Small Investor

This Space Investing section was originally inspired by a suggestion from HobbySpace reader Robert Gregg.

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  • Top: Introduction + News + GEO Space Businesses - information & links concerning businesses that rely on satellites in geostationary orbits.

  • LEO + Support Space Businesses - information & links concerning businesses that rely on satellites in low and medium altitude orbits. Also, links to various businesses, such as those that build ground stations, that support the systems based in space.

  • New Space Businesses - information about newly developed space businesses outside of the telecommunication area such as remote sensing. Also, info on proposed space businesses such as lunar and asteroid projects.


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