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Music News Archive

Note: These articles provide a sampling of what was happening in space inspired music during this period so the titles will remain here for historical interest. Unfortunately, many of these articles will expire over time.

When the the links go dead, the text will be disconnected but still shown in italics.

If you want to follow up on an interesting but disconnected item, there are a few possiblities:

  • Most of the Yahoo news items are based on press releases from companies, NASA or other agency. If you go to the website of the particular company
  • or institution involved, it may have the PR in its archive. Look for the News or Press Release page.

  • Many online newspapers break their links after a period of time but keep the articles in a searchable archive. However, they often will charge for a search.

  • If all else fails, try Google or other search engine using the title or keywords from the title.





















  • Space Rocks! Kids Festival 18 October 2002, Rice University - one of the special events at the World Space Congress in Houston, Texas, Oct.10-19, 2002. "This is a one-day festival dedicated to space pioneers of the future. The event will feature age-specific hands-on learning activities, competitions, information kiosks, and videos. As well as the educational activities, there will be several bands playing throughout the day."
  • Terry Riley's 2002 Performance schedule: "Oct. 26th Hanscher Auditorium, Iowa City Iowa. The World Premiere of SUN RINGS commissioned by NASA. A 90 minute work for KRONOS QUARTET with a light show and visuals by WILLIE WILLIAMS. This work is based on and uses sounds recorded in Space by NASA using the innovative recording devices of Dr. Donald Gurnett of the University of Iowa." (More below)
  • Elaine Walker of ZIA reports: "BlueZia Productions will have 12 audio CD's launched into space from Nevada on a sounding rocket [CSXT] If we're REALLY lucky the parachute retrieval system will work and we'll get our CD's back and can sell them. The 'ToSpace Company' arranged the payload for this rocket. This is their first flight so they let customers buy a 1 pound minimum. It was exciting to fill out our first 'launch contract'".





The Art of C. Sergent Lindsey



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