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Space Age Sounds:
A Trek through Space Pop of the 1950's & 1960s...

Fantastica: Music from Outer Space
Circa 1958
Compositions, arrangements, electronics and conducting by Russ Garcia.
Plus the "ethereal voice effects" of Marni Nixon.
Titles: Into Space, Nova (Exploding Star), Lost Souls of Saturn, Monsters of Jupiter,
Water Creatures of Astra, Venus, Red Sands of Mars, Goofy Peepl of Phobos,
Volcanoes of Mercury, Birth of A Planet, Frozen Neptune,
Moon Rise.

Welcome to this brief introduction to space influenced music of the Space Age. We will visit the lesser known musical styles of the period, leaving rock 'n' roll space music and more mainstream genres to separate pages.

Note that most of the information and images here come from Jack Diamond Music, the article Music from Outer Space by Ken Saari at Jeff Central &Exotica Research, and The Space Age Pop Music Page.

More Space Age Pop Resources

Below are listed various sites and articles with more information and music listings of music of the Space Age. See also the HobbySpace section on space music of the Folk Revival, which took place during this period.

Space Age Pop Album List

Moon Gas - Dick Hyman/Mary Mayo
Photo courtesy Jack Diamond
Moon Gas
Dick Hyman with Mary Mayo
Circa 1963
Tracks : Moon Gas, Maid of The Moon, Isn't It Odd ?, Stella by Starlight, Imagination,
Space Reflex (Blues in 5/4) Bye Bye Blues, They Can't Take That Away From Me,
For All We Know, Desafinado (Slightly Out Of Tune), I'm Glad There- Is You,
Star Eyes.


Here is a list of albums that fit the Space Age Pop category, at least as defined by HobbySpace:

    Space Age Pop - music from the late 1940's to mid-1960's that attempted to convey an impression of space travel and exploration and often employed exotic and unusual sounds generated by electronic instruments, wordless vocals, and studio effects.

The list is compiled primarily from Jack Diamond Music, the article Music from Outer Space by Ken Saari at Jeff Central &Exotica Research, and Wild Scenes (no longer on line).

Follow the links to find album covers and more information.

Fantastica album cover
Photo courtesy Jack Diamond
Fantastica: Music from Outer Space
Circa 1958


Fantasy in Orbit
Photo courtesy Jack Diamond
Fantasy in Orbit
An astronauts musical impression while orbiting the Earth.
Electronic Musical Compositions of Thomas Dissevelt.

Circa 1967
Tracks: Ignition, Atlantic, Spearhead, Zanzi, Anchor Chains, Tropicolors,
Gamelan, Woomerangs, Waltzing Mathilda, Pacific Dawn,
Gold and Lead, Mexican Mirror, Seconds To Eternity,

Welcome to Tomorrow from Man in Space With Sounds (1962 - Worlds Fair Records)
by Attileo Mineo. Electronic and orchestra.


Space Escapade (1957 - Capitol)
Les Baxter with orchestra with no electronic instruments. Liner notes at Wild Scenes


The Art of C. Sergent Lindsey



Space Age Sounds
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