Innovative Rock Composer Arjen Lucassen To Release
STAR ONE: Space Metal
On May 21st Through InsideOut Music America

Tribute To Science Fiction Films Features Many Guest Talents
May 16, 2002

Prepare your senses for an incredible musical journey beyond the stars, as 
one of hard music's most prolific composers Arjen Anthony Lucassen primes his
latest endeavor STAR ONE for May 21st release via InsideOut Music America.
Entitled Space Metal, the album emulates some of Arjen's favorite science
fiction films, including Star Wars, Star Trek IV, Dune, Alien, 2001: A Space
Odyssey, Outland, Stargate, Enemy Mine, Blake's 7, and Dark Star.

Best known for his dramatic, conceptual rock operas with his main project
AYREON, Arjen felt it was time to strip the facets down and create something
a little more adventurous. "When I make an AYREON album, it's got to have a
multitude of styles in it, which then becomes its own limitation, because
sometimes I feel like doing an album utilizing just one style; therefore, I
cannot call this 'AYREON'," explains Lucassen. "I wanted to make this album
sound more like a band, like a live product - more honest, no samples, no
computers, just listening to a band play. After doing the tranquil AMBEON
project (which I made with the new ProTools program - sitting in front of a
computer for 6 ½ months), I really felt like letting off some steam and
creating something simpler and really heavy."

Although AYREON releases consist of complex storylines enveloped in cosmic
odyssey, STAR ONE's songs are designed to act as a vehicle that takes the
listener on a journey through Arjen's mind and memory - a place where they
relive those great science fiction films that made such an impact on him.
Lucassen elaborates: "I'm a sci-fi freak. I've been into it since I first
saw Star Trek in the 60s. Seeing a weird guy with pointy ears, standing on a
blue planet with a red sky changed everything for me. I'm also very
interested in the 'science' aspect of science fiction, especially Stephen
Hawking's theories. I'm not really interested in the real world. I don't
really like putting messages into the music. There's enough misery in the
world. If you listen to music, it SHOULD be an escape tool. When I read the
newspaper or watch the news, it makes me really unhappy. I can't change it,
so I don't feel a part of it...maybe I'm an alien?"

Known for surrounding himself with some of the most resourceful names in hard
rock (having worked on AYREON albums with the likes of IRON MAIDEN's Bruce
Dickinson, former MARILLION vocalist FISH, THE GATHERING's Anneke van
Giersbergen, HELLOWEEN's Andi Deris, STRATOVARIUS' Timo Kotipelto, etc.),
Space Metal features the vocal talents of Russell Allen (SYMPHONY X), Dan
Swanö (ex-EDGE OF SANITY, NIGHTINGALE, etc.), Damian Wilson (ex-THRESHOLD),
Floor Jansen (AFTER FOREVER), and the stellar musicianship accompaniment of
Jens Johannson (STRATOVARIUS, ex-YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, ex-DIO), Erik Norlander,
Ed Warby, and Gary Wehrkamp (SHADOW GALLERY). A special limited-edition 2-CD
version of Space Metal also features HAWKWIND vocalist Dave Brock on a
Hawkwind Medley, additional bonus tracks & alternate versions, as well as a
cover version of "Space Oddity".

Space Metal has already been named 'CD Of The Month' in 2 of Europe's most
prestigious metal-friendly publications - Rock Hard & Aardschock Magazines.
The outstanding early interest has caused the album to ship Gold in Germany!
Like AYREON, it is sure to become a beacon in the vast universe of rock
titles. With its stellar musicianship, visionary production and simple yet
far-reaching concept, STAR ONE's Space Metal shines bright as a giant sun in
the galaxy of rock.

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