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Space Contests
Articles Archive

Note: These articles provide a sampling of what was happening with regard to space related contests and competitionsand during this period so the titles will remain here for historical interest. Unfortunately, many of these articles will expire over time.

When the the links go dead, the text will be disconnected but still shown in italics.

If you want to follow up on an interesting but disconnected item, there are a few possiblities:

  • Most of the Yahoo news items are based on press releases from companies, NASA or other agency. If you go to the website of the particular company
  • or institution involved, it may have the PR in its archive. Look for the News or Press Release page.

  • Many online newspapers break their links after a period of time but keep the articles in an archive. However, they often will charge for a search.

  • If all else fails, try Google
  • or other search engine using the title or keywords from the title.           














Previous Contests

Planetary Society

  • Mars Art Contest - previous Red Rover competition for the best Mars art. Included three separate categories for students and adults. Deadline passed.
  • Mars microphone naming contest. The Mars Polar Lander, was due to land on the south pole of Mars in December 1999 but unfortunately did not succeed. It carried a microphone developed by the Planetary Society that would have provided the first true audio signals from another planet.

    The microphone project logo included a green penguin and the Society wanted someone to think up a great name for their mascot. Similarly, there was also an essay contest on the microphone.

  • Wishbone, the K-9 character of over 40 childrens books, goes into space in his latest adventure. To celebrate this event, Wishbone and the Planetary Society sponsored a contest for children 9-12 to win a trip to space camp. Deadline passed.

  • Student NanoExperiment Challenge - competition to design an experiment for the Mars 2001 Surveyor Lander that will launch in April 10, 2001. The challenge is to find a doable and worthwhile experiment that will fit in the thimble sized container. Enty deadline has Passed.
  • Help Name the Craters on Eros! - the NEAR spacecraft orbited the asteroid Eros and returned the first detailed pictures of the surface. It eventually even landed on the asteroid.This contest was to propose names for the craters.

Mars Society

  • Hakluyt Contest 2000 - this competition to write the best letter or group of letters to world political leaders making the case for initiating a human-to-Mars program.





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