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Space Simulators
Part 2: Virtually spacefaring...

Lunar Module Replica
Full sized lunar module replica
built by Global Effects for a movie.

This section provides links to space simulation organizations such as those who use group simulations for schools. Also, links to simulator companies (e.g. those who build hardware simulators for museums or movie props) and other simulator related resources.

Tools for Creating Space Simulations

Here we look at resources for building space simulations with realistic spacecraft, planets, star systems, etc.


Space Simulation Organizations &
Educational Programs

Educational Space Simulations Project
Rice University and Houston Independent School District supports this site built by Chris Rowan with lots of information and web resources for space simulations. Some of the sections include: Overview LaunchScript SnapshotsDuringSimulations Shareware

Project Dream Mission
A space shuttle replica built by Spaceworks contained several consoles where students could experience interactive simulations of various space tasks such as landing a shuttle or deploying a satellite. The project, sponsored by Spaceworks and companies such as Bellsouth, took the shuttle to schools around the US.

Challenger Center for Space Science Education
Many of the Challenger Centers, created in memory of the Challenger crew, provide simulation experiences for students. Some centers also have programs for adults:

Space Simulator Companies

These companies build replicas, sometimes full sized ones, for museums, movie sets, and other markets.
Historic Space Systems - Exhibits That Launch Imaginations (sm)
This company provides
"consultation, design, and fabrication services for exhibits of US manned spacecraft, and similar vehicles. Our specialties include detailed control panel and control mechanism reproductions. We also provide interactive multimedia systems to supplement any exhibit, consult on aerospace subjects, and provide computer aided drafting services." -
Other Simulation & Replica Companies

Spacesuit Replicas
These companies make and sell highly realistic spacesuit replicas from all periods of manned space:

Space Simulator Resources

Spacecraft Data
Historic Space Systems sells engineering drawings, information kits (see below), and manuals for various spacecraft that are useful for modeling and simulations.

Information Kits
Historic Space Systems sells two kinds of kits provide detailed descriptions of spacecraft. One type provides scaled drawings. The other gives full-sized color plots of the control panels.

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