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Space Education
Part 2

EarthKam Image of the Mississippi River
Photo of the Mississippi River taken by middle school students
with the EarthKam during a Space Shuttle flight. The camera is
now based permanently on the International Space Station. Students
can control the camera over the Internet.

This section provides addition space education related resources.


Teachers in Space is a Space Frontier Foundation program that has the goal of sending hundreds of teachers each year to space via suborbital space tourist vehicles.

A spin-off from the SFF's Teachers in Space program is Citizens In Space

In 2003 NASA revived its Teacher-in-Space program, which was suspended after the Challenger disaster when teacher Christa McAuliffe died along with 6 astronauts.

However, NASA is taking a new approach to the concept. In the old program a teacher would win a chance to spend a year or two in training, take one flight, and then return to the classroom. Now the astronaut corps will include several full time "educator mission specialists".

Like the mission specialists who run experiments on the shuttle or ISS, the educator specialists will carry out various teaching and outreach projects while in space. These could be zero-G demonstrations, running student designed experiments, etc.

Barbara Morgan will be the first educator mission specialist. She was a teacher in Idaho and originally chosen as McAuliffe's backup. However, since 1998 she has been in training as an astronaut and no longer works as a teacher. She is expected to take a shuttle to the ISS in 2004.

Educator Astronaut - NASA program to recruit astronauts whose speciality is K-12 teaching rather than in a particular scientific discipline as for Mission Specialists.


NASA - NASA's Network of Educator Astronaut Teachers (NEAT)
NASA program that gets elementary and secondary school teachers involved in space related activities.

Other teacher programs
Space Studies
American State Programs

In the US the responsibility for education falls primarily upon the individual states. Efforts to improve science and math performance by students has led to the creation of many projects in the states that involve space in the curriculum because young people often find it the most exciting area of science.

Here are links to a sample of state related space education programs:

World Space Education Programs
Space Museums & Planetariums
More Resources


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