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Rocketry - Special Topics

Articles of Interest

Note: These articles provide a sampling of what was happening in rocketry during this period so the titles will remain here for historical interest. Unfortunately, many of these articles will expire over time.

When the the links go dead, the text will be disconnected but still shown in italics.

If you want to follow up on an interesting but disconnected item, there are a few possiblities:

  • Most of the Yahoo news items are based on press releases from companies, NASA or other agency. If you go to the website of the particular company
  • or institution involved, it may have the PR in its archive. Look for the News or Press Release page.

  • Many online newspapers break their links after a period of time but keep the articles in an archive. However, they often will charge for a search.

  • If all else fails, try Google
  • or other search engine using the title or keywords from the title.

Special Topics

Rocketry Regulations Controversy







Rocketry Books


Handbook of Model Rocketry
G. H. Stine - 1994.
Amazon: US UK

Second Stage Advanced Model Rocketry
M. Banks - 1998.
Amazon: US UK

Rocket Boys (aka October Sky)
by Homer Hickam - 1998.
Amazon: US UK

Experimenting With Model Rockets
Cary Sneider et al - 1991
Amazon: US UK

Rockets of the World
by Peter Alway - 1999
Amazon: US UK
"A book about space boosters and sounding rockets compiled with the modeler in mind. 200 versions of 137 rockets from 14 countries. Dimensioned and color-keyed drawings..."

Blasting Off : Rockets Then and Now (Here We Go , No 3)
Steven Otfinoski - 1998
Amazon: US UK
Rocket Propulsion Elements : An Introduction to the Engineering of Rockets 6th edt.,
G.P. Sutton - 1992
Amazon: US UK
Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Propulsion
P. G. Hill - 1992
Amazon: US UK
Amateur Guide to Building Rockets and Motors
James A. Prentice - 1999
Amazon: US UK



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