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The Space Gazette

Space for Everyone      -        July 2, 2001     -         Vol. 1 No. 1

Space Science - Activism

Watch the Mars Colony on Earth

The Mars Society has opened the Flashline Mars Arctic Research Station on Devon Island where 6 crews of volunteers will carry out simulations of a Mars colony during the short summer season. They will test tools and techniques needed for creation of real Mars colonies.

Spaceref.com provides a webcam view from the station at its Mars on Earth 2001 website.

The crews will live in a habitat built last summer. They will use spacesuits whenever they go outside (staying for realistic periods in the air locks) and follow other Mars type constraints such as a long time delays in communications with the "earth base".

A separate group will carry out the Haughton-Mars Project (HMP), which includes researchers from NASA as well as the SETI Institute, in the nearby Haughton meteor crater. They will look at techniques for detecting life in the crater's harsh conditions that mimic in many ways those on Mars.

A prototype rover will also be tested by a group from Carnegie Mellon's Robotics Institute.


Space Business for Consumers

Despite the disappointments of Iridium and the other telecom constellation failures, space business continues to thrive and open new niches. In particular, space businesses are looking to offer new services directly to the public:

Tourism - Music

Rock the Station

Members of the Russian pop group Na Na passed their tests and now want to go to space to boogy: Russian Boy Band Gets Backing for Space Trip - Space.com - June.19.01 * Going Na Na in outer space? - CNN.com - June 19, 2001 * Russian pop group have high hopes - BBC - June.6.01


Vangelis Celebrates Mars Mission

The Greek instrumentalist Vangelis held a concert at Athens' Temple of Zeus archeological site last Thursday to present his new composition ``Mythodea''. The composer, who has long been fascinated by space, wrote the piece in honor of NASA's Mars 2001 Odyssey now on its way to Mars.

RLV News

To Space in Small Steps

See the Japanese VT-6 mini-rocketship takeoff and land in the videos at Space.com. VTVL sub-orbitals are the next logical step in the development of robust spaceships. See also TGV-Rockets, Armadillo Aerospace & the list of X-Prize Competitors.

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Mr. Tito Goes to Washington

Dennis Tito testified last week to a Congressional committee in support of allowing public citizens, journalists, artists, and others to visit the ISS.

Buzz Aldrin also spoke and urged NASA to support space tourism and even to allow paying customers to ride on the shuttle.

Next Space Tourist?

Mark Shuttleworth, a South African millionare, has passed his medicals and is taking cosmonaut training in hopes of following Tito to space.

Survive for Space

A Hollywood / Australia collaboration will produce a Survivor type show called Space Trials in which the winner of 26 candidates at Cosmonaut school goes to space: My Way or the SKYway - Spacedaily - June.27.01

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