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Lunar Bibliography - Kenneth Murphy
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December 2005 edition


September 9, 2006
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The original text version of the bibliography is converted here to hypertext.


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High Frontier Fiction

The fiction section I've arranged in reverse chronological order, to give a
sense of what kind of books were being written when. Of course, it's a bit
more difficult to find the older books, so the numbers taper off quickly

"Planetes", Vols. 1 - 4/2
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Flynn, Michael, "Firestar", 1996
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Steele, Alan, "Orbital Decay", 1989
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Wylie, Philip & Edwin Balmer, "When Worlds Collide", 1932

DVD: "2001: A Space Odyssey", 1969
DVD: "2010: The Year We Make Contact",
DVD: "Armageddon"
DVD: "Asteroid", 1997
DVD: "Deep Impact", 1998
DVD: "Gattaca", 1997
DVD: "Marooned", 1969
DVD: "Meteor", 1969
DVD: "Planetes", Vols. 1-3, 2005
DVD: "Starhunter", 2004
DVD: "The American Astronaut", 2004
DVD: "Solar Crisis", 1992
DVD: "Spaceways"
DVD: "Starhunter 2300", 2003
DVD: "When Worlds Collide", 1951

Moon Fiction

Ralles, H.J., "Darok 10", 2005
Rusch, Kristine K., "Consequences", 2004
Harris, Philip R., "Launch Out", 2003
Rusch, Kristine K., "Extremes", 2003
Simpson, John Mark, "Mines of Luna (Lunar Resources: The Golden Rule)", 2003
Space:1999 - The Forsaken, 2003
Space: 1999 - Resurrection, 2002
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Space: 1999 - Planets of Peril
Space: 1999 - Mind-Breaks of Space
Space: 1999 - The Space-Jackers
Space: 1999 - The Psychomorph, 1977
Space: 1999 - The Time Fighters, 1977
Space: 1999 - "The Edge of the Infinite", 1977
Barjavel, René, "le Diable l'emporte", 1976
Bova, Ben, Millennium, 1976
Space: 1999 - Alien Seed, 1976
Space: 1999 - Android Planet, 1976
Space: 1999 - Rogue Planet, 1976
Space: 1999 - Phoenix of the Megaron, 1976
Space: 1999 - Breakaway, 1975
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Space: 1999 - The Space Guardians, 1975
Space: 1999 - Collision Course, 1975
Space: 1999 - Lunar Attack, 1975
Space: 1999 - Astral Quest, 1975
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Fun & Games

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CD: "Tintin: Objectif Aventure". Atari, 2001.
CD: "Loadstar: The Legend of Tully Bodine". Rocket Science Games, 1995.
CD: "Armored Moon: The Next Eden". Microforum, 1998.
CD: "Moon Project". TLC Entertainment Properties, 2001.
CD: "Rebel Moon Rising". GT Interactive, 1997.

PS2: "Echo Night: Beyond". Agetec, 2004.

DVD: "Gravity Angels: Alien Discovery", 2001


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