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The Next Space Age is Coming!
Space Frontier Conference in Los Angeles to Focus on Revolution in Space

Los Angeles, Sept. 1, 2005 - Welcome to the Next Space Age! A time when you and your children can finally achieve the dream of going into space, when private citizens will live and work in space, and where Earth will benefit from a vibrant space sector! It may not be apparent yet, but all of the elements of this revolution are finally coming together into a force that will change the way we view space and our place in the universe within a few short years.

For example, the flights of Dennis Tito, Mark Shuttleworth and the X-Prize have shown us that space is not the exclusive domain of governments. You can buy tickets right now to ride into space on Virgin Galactic and even take a trip around the Moon! At the same time others, including some of the richest entrepreneurs and best engineers in America, are putting their own money and sweat into building the rocket ship fleets and space habitats that will begin the true hand off of the space frontier to people, not governments. Just as the introduction of railroads ushered in a new era of economic prosperity by creating new industries and opportunities, access to space will completely revolutionize the way we live our lives here on Earth. "SFC 14: The Next Space Age" is the place to be if you want to tap the pulse of this new and exciting revolution. For almost 20 years the Space Frontier Foundation has been leading, nurturing and launching the people and projects that are now making things happen. If you are a part of the revolution, interested in what is going to happen next, or want to get involved, this is the conference you want to attend. The intimate, casual and low-key environment is perfect for learning about the real stories behind the headlines, and getting to know the movers and shakers of the NewSpace community on a personal basis. Bring your curiosity, and your ideas with you - you never know what will happen at Foundation conferences, who you will meet, or what you might become a part of before you leave. This year, our exciting agenda includes:

Potential of Commercial Space (Vehicles) - It is clear to us that the future of our nation in space lies with the commercial sector. What do we need to do now? And how do NewSpace transportation firms make it happen?

Business of Space - It has long been argued that the primary barrier to successful space business is the prohibitively high cost of accessing space. This panel is a two-part (orbital and sub-orbital) forum featuring potential CUSTOMERS of space access services.

Spaceports - Soon spaceships will be taking adventurers, researchers, and perhaps even astronauts in training into space. From where will they operate? A handful of forward-looking states and spaceports are working hard to make sure they can be in the game.

Role of NASA in Space Development - Throughout the history of spaceflight, the defining role has been played by NASA. What will happen now that others are moving up and out onto the frontier? Will the agency adapt? Will it help or hinder the breakout?

Regulation - The rules and regulations that surround spaceflight at present are critical to the success or failure of new space ventures. As humanity begins to move forward into space this trend will only become more prevalent.

Asteroids - The resources of tomorrow are the threats of today. Understanding asteroids, learning about them, and trying to figure out how we will one day access their promise is a question worth asking.

Space Settlement - That large numbers humans will soon be living and working in space on a permanent basis is a goal that our community strives for. The first of these facilities are being designed researched and even assembled on the ground right now.

Private Space Travel - That this will be a market for the first providers of commercial space access is clear; the details of how it will develop remain to be seen. How soon will you get to go? How much will it cost?

Terrestrial Support Companies - The space revolution is going to involve a wide variety of infrastructure and support industries including computer and information technology, insurance, materials, fuel, ground support, logistics and many more.

Hollywood and Space - Many of our dreams about the frontier came from film and TV. A group of well known producers, writers and directors from the film and TV industry will discuss their experiences, ideas and the challenges of presenting the vision of space.

Come and join us! You can register right now at http://www.spacefrontierfoundation.org/Events/SFC14/

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