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Advanced Rocketry News
July 2003


Aerospike engine test by CSULB and Garvey
Cal State Uni., at Long Beach - Aerospace Engineering
Succesful firing on June 23, 2003 of a liquid fueled aerospike engine
built by students at Cal. State University at Long Beach Aerospace
in collaboration with Garvey Spacecraft.

Articles here describe news and developments in advanced amateur and student rocketry, experimental rocketry, and innovations at small entrepreneurial rocket companies.

See the Advanced Rocketry section for links and resources in these areas and be sure to check out the Records, Achievments & Competitions section.

The RLV News section also overlaps with this section, especially with regard to the X PRIZE competition. See RLV Countdown for links to suborbital and X PRIZE projects by small organizations.

July 20, 2003

Open source rocketry... A sub-section of Advanced Rocketry now lists various open source rocketry projects in both software and hardware. While hardware projects can't duplicate the joint simultaneous construction quite the way it happens with in open source software, a similar open communications and documentation approach can definitely improved the productivity of individuals and groups with common interests but separated geographically by large distances. Also, it's possible in some cases for the hardware to be divided into sub-systems that individuals and groups can develop locally and then merge later with the other sub-systems into the complete apparatus.

July 18, 2003

Amateur Black Brant ... The Black Brant Project will build a 107% scale version of the Black Brant II and propel it with three "54,600 NS motors (33% "P" motors), all lit on the pad." It should reach 14,700 feet (4.48km) and a velocity of Mach 1.20 (1320 Feet/Second)

The project is led by Wedge Oldham who previously built and launched a 1/3 scale Nike Hercules replicas at LDRS 20 & 21. Other participants include Darren Wright of Ozark Aerospace and Jeff Taylor of Loki Research. Performance Rocketry will supply the fiberglass nosecone. They plan to launch the vehicle at BALLS 2004 in Nevada.

Wedge is also pursuing an interesting 10X scale up of the Estes Orbital Transport.

Great BALLS of Fire and Rockets... The BALLS 2003 meet will take place at Black Rock Desert, Nevada during September 19-21. As this page makes clear, this event is intended for DANGEROUS LAUNCHES. It is a "venue for projects that should NOT be flow publicly due to safety and legal restrictions." No kids allowed!

July 8, 2003

Aerospike to take flight... John Garvey reports on his website that he and the CSULB team will refurbish their aerospike engine (see image above) and attempt "a powered flight test of it using the already-proven Prospector 2. Tentative plans are to fly in August, assuming we can convince the RRS folks and the rest of our team to venture out to the desert at that time of year."

July 6, 2003

Dragoon follow-up... Kevin Sagis tells me that the mission shown below "was the first flight of the Dragoon. We are going to undertake a series of test flights, extending the envelope. Then, we're planning on entering the nano-satellite launch services business. Next steps include a space shot later this fall."

July 5, 2003

Dragoon preparations Dragoon launch Dragoon recovery
Paragon Dragoon launch. (Click on pictures for larger versions.)

Paragon Dragoon Success... Kevin Sagis of Paragon Astronautics reports that the launch of the Dragoon sounding rocket on June.14th "was a tremendous success! We had full recovery and a picture perfect flight. Performance was greater than preflight predictions with an apogee of over 80k feet.[24.4km]"

The Paragon Foundation intends to develop educational programs around the Dragoon and other rocketry projects.

July 1, 2003

Amateur rocketships... Andrew Case, who assists with this News page, discusses the state of amateur manned rockets in The promise of amateur suborbital spaceflight : Homebuilt spacecraft could soon take to the skies - The Space Review - June.30.03. He also put some additional info and links at Rocketforge where comments on the article can be posted.

Rocket chats... Michael Mealling at Rocketforge is starting an on line chat system for discussion of advanced rocketry : YARCS (Yet Another Rocketry Chat System) - Rocketforge - June.29.03

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