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The Space Gazette

Space for Everyone      -      November 1, 2001     -         Vol. 1 No.9

Space news briefs:

Armadillo Rocket Video:
Check out the video that Armadillo Aerospace presented at the recent Space Frontier conference in LA.

The slick presentation reviews the progress of their vertical takeoff and landing vehicles. Includes a look at the manned vehicle now under construction.

The section showing various launch bloopers is hilarious.

Japan Space Solar Power:
Japan continues with its long running, if low funded, space based solar power projects.

A satellite project for 2005 timeframe will demonstrate that 10kw of power can be beamed efficiently to earth: Report: Japan Developing Satellite That Would Beam Back Solar Power - Space.com - Oct.29.01

Leonids Coming Soon:
Watch for the Leonids meteor showers that should peak around Nov.18: Coming Soon: Spectacular Meteors - Wired - Oct.31.01

Battle of space titans:
Echostar's takeover of Hughes DirecTV illustrates that satellite broadcasting is now a big time business. Long road ahead for EchoStar merger - CNET - Oct.30.01

While the merger could lead to anti-trust problems related to rural customers, the combined company would have the resources to invigorate the satellite broadband to home efforts which are off to a somewhat slow start.


Astronomy * Space Science

Students to Control
Robotic Telescopes

The design of the Liverpool 2-meter telescope .
currently being installed in La Palma, Canary Islands.

Amateur astronomers, students,and teachers can soon access powerful professional telescopes over the internet.

The RoCCoTO project at the University of Glamorgan in Wales, for example, will allow users via the Internet to submit targets for observation on its 40cm telescope. Dome is home to robotic telescope - BBC - Oct.21.01

The system will prioritize the requests and make the observation at the first opportunity as allowed by the weather.

The user then downloads the image from the observatory web site. The project will open in January 2002.

The RoCCoTO project is a part of the British National Schools' Observatory program that will provide student access to several large telescopes around the world.

Other robotic telescope projects include

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Spacecasts * Space History

Listen to Apollo 11

You can now listen via internet streaming to any part of the Apollo 11 air-to-ground communications during its 8 day mission, including the time while the astronauts resided on the Moon.

Mike Smithwick has placed the complete set of audio recordings (more than 40 hours total) at the Live365 broadcast site:

Apollo 11-The entire air-to-ground communications

The recordings are split into several sessions so you can choose where in the mission to listen.

Activism * Space Science

Mars Stations
Need You

The Mars Society's Desert Research and Flashline Mars Arctic stations need volunteers to crew the facilities in the coming year.

The Desert station in Utah will begin its first crew rotations in December 2001 and continue till next summer.

The Arctic station will reopen in late June and run through August.

See volunteer notice or Mars Society website for application details.

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