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The Space Gazette

Space for Everyone      -       August 14, 2001     -         Vol. 1 No. 4


Russian and ISS Partners Agree on Tourist Rules

Dennis Tito's tourist jaunt to the Space Station was marred by NASA administrator Dan Goldin's anger and persistent attempts to block the trip.

Nevertheless, the Russian space agency, which badly needs the money, plans to continue selling rides to the ISS.

Mark Shuttleworth, a South African, billionare is next in line. He has been undergoing training and medical exams at the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center outside Moscow. He could fly to the station as early as April 2002.

In hopes of avoiding confrontations with NASA and the other station partners, a framework for tourist visits has recently been agreed upon:


Chandra X-Ray Observatory Website
Offers Lots of Multimedia Goodies

NGC 4631
NGC 4631: Chandra Detects Halo Of Hot Gas
Around Milky Way-Like Galaxy
This image combines Hubble imagery and Chandra
(the blue-purple region.) - Chandra Observatory

While the Hubble telescope watches the universe in the visible spectrum, another of NASA's "great observatories", the Chandra satellite sees the cosmos with x-ray vision.

Many stellar processes produce x-rays such as those from the hot gases produced by supernova. Our atmosphere filters out most of this radiation so only by putting an x-ray sensitive system into space can we open this window on the sky.

X-rays travel right through normal mirrors so a sophisticated grazing mirror design brings the x-rays to a focus. The resulting intensity patterns are often translated into multi-colored images to assist their analysis as well as make very beautful pictures..

The Chandra website offers a great wealth of image galleries and multimedia resources. Check out the Desktops and Screensavers.

Send Chandra virtual postcards for birthdays, holidays, etc.


Become a Space Ambassader

NASA invites volunteers to promote space exploration. Space ambassadors will "organize and conduct public events that communicate exciting discoveries and plans for exploration in Solar System research and technology through non-traditional forums, e.g. Rotary Clubs, libraries, museums, planetariums, 'star parties', mall displays, etc."

If you are a space buff and anxious to communicate your enthusiasm to the world, then find out how to become a Solar System Ambassador.

Space-Buff Volunteers Wanted as Solar System Ambassadors - JPL PR - July.27.01


Run It Up the Lunar Flagpole and See Who Salutes

The Moon Society is sponsoring a Moon Flag design contest. Anyone can participate but only young people between 6 and 18 will be eligible for the prizes.

The Society is an activist organization that works towards human exploration and settlement of the Moon.

Design a flag for the first luna city and win a free trip to the Moon Society Conference. (Entry deadline and other details still in development.)

Solar Sci-fi

Moon Movie Madness

An attempt to get to the Moon via Hollywood takes some unexpected turns in Shooting the Moon. An original short story by Geoffrey A. Landis. Online at SciFi.com. Inspired by the Artemis Project.

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It's Natural:
A Boy Band for Space

NASA commissions the song Down to Earth from the group Natural. The song will express the feeling of looking down on the earth from space. Rocket men turn to pop - The Times - Aug.9.01

The band, the latest creation of music producer Lou Pearlman who previously developed N SYNC, Backstreet Boys and O-Town, performed the national anthem at a pre-launch briefing at Kennedy Space Center before the STS-100 takeoff.

Spacehab's subsidiary Space Media organized the performance as part of its Stars Academy educational program.

Contests * Space Stations

What's That Thing
Up There Called Again?

So far, the suggestions for an inspiring and catchy name for the International Space Station that satisfies all the partners have fallen short of orbit.

The name Alpha has become the informal favorite of many astronauts and has been used by the crews during communications with earth. However, it apparently annoys many Russians who feel that it implies that Mir was not the "alpha", i.e. first, of space stations.

Popular Mechanics recently ran an unofficial contest in which it invited suggestions for a name.

Now it is running Part 2 of the contest in which you can vote for your favorite among the top 5 candidates: Aurora - Destiny - Earth Station Enterprise - Space Station Alpha

Deadline is August 31.

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